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Discover the smart aquarium system from Reef Factory!

What is Smart Reef?

What is Smart Reef? Smart Reef is a state-of-the-art system for keeping marine aquariums. The application provides not only the possibility to remotely manage the devices, but also has a number of additional solutions to support marine aquarists in a day to day basis. At the aquarist's disposal there are device panels, measurement logs, alarms, dashboards and many others. In Smart Reef we can also find a number of additional free tools supporting the work of a marine aquarist. A clear and custom-made parameter panel, where the aquarist can add the results of measurements. Reef Log – a calendar of work on the marine aquarium. In 2022, the company intends to announce many new features and free tools that will make the system even more attractive. The app is available for download from the Apple store and Google Play.

Automation of the Marine Aquarium!

The Smart Reef system and Reef Factory equipment enables you to automate some of the tasks required to manage a marine aquarium. By means of this system, dosing pump Large will automatically change water, our dosing pump family will automatically dispense supplements, KH keeper Plus along with dosing pump will measure KH and adjust supplementation depending on the consumption - it will automate the area of keeping KH parameter at the right level. We can also control lighting cycles in the Reef flare Pro and Reef flare Bar units, and with the Power switch, also the analog lamp schedule. Level keeper automates the evaporated water refill process. Thermo control keeps the temperature at the right level.

Remote aquarium management

All Reef Factory units are fitted with a WiFi module, allowing for simple connection to the Internet. Remote control is done by means of Smart Reef application, which only requires Internet access for full functionality. This way, regardless of where you are at any given moment, you can access all the information gathered by your devices and have control over them. We can remotely adjust the dosing pumps, change the lighting cycle or switch individual devices on and off. Thanks to the remote control capabilities, you can forget about the need for manual configuration, with Smart Reef you can do it in a convenient way, wherever you are.



 Information about your Aquarium!

Connecting your devices to Smart Reef app, you can monitor at any time and from any place what is going on in selected areas of your aquarium. The system will alert you and send a push notification in case something important and requiring attention happens, for example, if the indication of one of the water parameters exceeds its set range. Measurement logs are also available as easy-to-read graphs. Our devices monitor what's happening in your aquarium 24/7, and you can conveniently manage them through the app.