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Reef Factory

Reef Factory, Reef Flare Pro, LED Light

Reef Factory, Reef Flare Pro, LED Light

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Reef flare Pro

Modern series of super efficient LED lamps. Reef flare Pro combines modern design with cutting edge technology to achieve superior results in coral care. The lights have been designed with two objectives in mind: bring fantastic coloration to corals and provide them with the best quality light that will support photosynthesis in their tissues, accelerating growth.

   In the range we may find three lamp sizes S/M/L in two variants: full spectrum and blue. All lights offer comprehensive management through the Smart Reef app from your phone or web browser. • The most powerful PAR on the market with Smart technology • Advanced EOI optics for excellent light diffusion and effective aquarium coverage • Quiet and ultra-efficient cooling system • Slim line design – only 28 mm high • Simple configuration • Remote management with the Smart Reef app from anywhere in the world.

See difference Full spectrum lighting, as many as 7 controllable channels, a special selection of LEDs for marine aquariums that perfectly match the EOI lenses. All of this ensures rapid growth and fantastic coral coloration that will delight any marine aquarium enthusiast and improve the condition of your corals.

Superior EOI optics Lenses in Reef flare lights guarantee both broad light coverage and high PAR levels, as confirmed by tests. Thanks to the EOI optics, properly diffused and well mixed light reaches entire aquarium. Selecting appropriate lamp size for your aquarium, you may be sure that the entire tank will be perfectly illuminated, ensuring fast coral development and amazing coloration.

Clear interface Lighting is managed through a new and enhanced control panel. To set the lighting schedule, you can use predefined settings, modify them as you like, or simply design your own lighting schedule. To create your own lighting schedule, begin with setting light points on a timeline, then adjust intensity of each channel using sliders or entering specific values. Keeping your pets health and safety in mind, we support smooth light intensity adjustment by means of the acclimation mode. After specifying acclimation period, initial and final intensities, the system will smoothly increase the light output to the desired level.

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