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Reef Factory

Reef Factory, KH Keeper Plus

Reef Factory, KH Keeper Plus

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KH keeper Plus

KH keeper Plus is a modern device for automatic KH measurement. High quality components and intuitive software guarantee high accuracy of carbonate hardness measurement up to 0,01 dKH. Simplicity of use, high repeatability of measurements and quiet operation are the hallmarks of this product. The device automatically draws water samples from the aquarium, performs the analysis and saves the result in the Smart Reef application. The results and test logs may be viewed instantly in the app.

Stable KH at an appropriate level

KH keeper Plus can additionally control Reef Factory Dosing pumps. The user decides on the method of communication between the devices. The integration of dosing pumps with KH keeper Plus allows to keep the KH level within safe ranges. Stable carbonate hardness level in the aquarium maintains optimum growth conditions for corals.


Color Coded LED Backlight



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