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Vecton TitanUV 550 Aquarium Sterilizer, by T.M.C.

Vecton TitanUV 550 Aquarium Sterilizer, by T.M.C.

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    A revolutionary new way to more Efficiently and Effectively clean harmful parasites, bacterial blooms, and diseases from your water column!

   The Vecton Titan UV has been produced using specially selected photocatalytic material. The photocatalytic reaction provides a safer alternative to ozone for even cleaner water. 

   Thanks to this Titan UV technology, the Vecton Titan UV is 1.3 times more effective than a standard UV sterilizer, making it more energy efficient. The photocatalytic lining also protects and further improves the lifespan of the high UV resistant plastic body. As with the rest of the award winning Vecton UV range; the Vecton Titan UV is designed with opposing inlet and outlets and comes with four stage hosetails for flexible hose from ½” to 1¼” for easy installation and connection to the water supply. These are held in place with screw on collars for easy removal when servicing and maintaining unit. There is a UV shield to prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp and the body is manufactured using impact resistant, translucent polycarbonate. Also included is an elbow connection, instruction manual, and a 3-year guarantee.

The UV sterilization process will only target the microorganisms floating in the water, so the good bacteria needed for processing ammonia remain healthy in your filter system, rock and substrate. UV technology used in fresh water or marine aquaria disrupts algae growth and kills bacteria and other pathogens that would otherwise cause disease in your aquarium inhabitants. This also allows much better light penetration, to the advantage of all animals in the aquarium. In addition to the health benefit of standard UV sterilizer, the photocatalytic reaction in the Vecton Titan UV assures cleaner, more transparent water.

Max. Aquarium size                550l / 121 imp. Gallons / 145 US gallons

Max Flow rate                          1650l/h / 363 imp. Gal. / 436 US gal.

UV Lamp                                  1x 15W G15T8

Total Power Consumption      17W

Power                                      100-277V 50/60Hz

Inlet/Out Let mm                    1½” BSP MT and ½”, ¾”, 1 and 1¼” Hosetail

WEIGHT 2.5Kg Approx.

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