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Reef Delight

UltraBar by Reef Delight

UltraBar by Reef Delight

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The UltraBar by Reef Delight is a cutting-edge LED lighting solution for your aquarium. These 12 inch bars can be connected together, end to end, on a single power supply,  which gives you the freedom to customize the length of your light to your specific needs! Ultra Bar also offers a truly customizable spectrum! The spectrum is adjustable via the Reef Delight app, and also has preset options, so you can find the perfect spectrum and intensity for a thriving ecosystem!

The "Bar light" setup, is the newest way out there to beat the pesky shadows in your aquarium!  The ability to run the lights on the front and rear edges of the tank and turn them towards the center, eliminates the shadows, lights the side, and even the under side of corals, which can eliminate the dead underside spots of a coral!  No more beautiful top with a dead bottom! 

 Keepin' it Reef's favorite setup is 3 rows of UltraBar lights.  One mounted forward, one mounted center, and one mounted Rearward. The mounting brackets allow you the rotate the lights as needed!

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