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Ruby Reef Rally Pro

Ruby Reef Rally Pro

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Rally Pro 

Rally™PRO is a concentrated formula to address a broad-spectrum treatment designed to be used directly in the display tank to eliminate external parasites.

Other benefits include:

• Rally™ PRO is a new concentrated formula and will treat tanks twice as large for the full dosing regimen, making the use of Rally much less expensive and more cost-effective as a broadspectrum treatment.

• Rally™ PRO is designed to be used directly in the display tank to eliminate eliminates external parasites, Marine Velvet, Dinoflagellates, Clownfish Disease, Gill Flukes and eliminates gram negative bacterial infections, Fin Rot and Tail Rot.

• Rally™ PRO is safe for all fish (including scaleless), corals and invertebrates and will not affect biofiltration and is reef safe. • Longer treatment periods may be required for heavy or persistent infections.

• Rally and Kick-Ich work well together to eliminate problems of misdiagnosis with FRESHWATER or SALTWATER fish. Used together they achieve the best results and can deal with several problems at one time in addition to preventing secondary bacterial infections.

- 1/2L treats 50-110 gallons, 1L treats 110-220 gallons, 2L treats 220-440 gallons

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