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PhosBan Phosphate Absorption Media, 150g

PhosBan Phosphate Absorption Media, 150g

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Elevate your aquarium care regimen with the cutting-edge efficiency of Two Little Fishies PhosBan Phosphate Adsorption Media and experience the benefits of pristine water. Phosban is a type of granular ferric oxide (aka GFO) that is very effective in removing phosphate from both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

  • Effectively removes phosphate, silicate, and dissolved organics from the water column
  • Will not release adsorbed nutrients back into the water column
  • Safe for both fresh and saltwater

Effortless Phosphate Removal

Granular ferric oxide granules have a high capacity for adsorbing phosphates from both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Comprehensive Adsorption

In addition to phosphate, it also removes silicates and dissolved organics, contributing to a well-balanced and healthy aquarium ecosystem.

Locks Away Nutrients

The adsorbed phosphate, silicate, and dissolved organics are securely held within the media and will not be leached back into the aquarium water.


  • How Much to Use: For saltwater applications, use 50 grams per 50 gallons. For freshwater applications, use 50 grams per 100 gallons
  • Recommended Usage: Use with Two Little Fishies 150 and 550 Phosban Media Reactors or other fluidized media reactors
  • Recommended Replacement Schedule: Test phosphate weekly and completely replace Phosban when phosphate levels begin to rise
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