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Nutramar Freshwater Complete Food Pellets, 1.75mm size, 70g

Nutramar Freshwater Complete Food Pellets, 1.75mm size, 70g

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  • Nutramar Freshwater Complete Pellets are suitable for every day feeding of all omnivorous tropical freshwater fish such as tetras, mollies, guppies, platies, barbs, freshwater angelfish, Discus, freshwater pufferfish, freshwater crustaceans and mollusks. Use as frequently as required, ensuring full consumption and no wastage
  • Cold extruded to ensure no loss of nutritional value
  • Use in conjunction with Nutramar Freshwater Algae & Color Boost Shots to provide a varied diet and maintain your fish in optimum condition
  • Easily digestible
  • Low waste
  • Sensory attractants to encourage feeding

Nutramar Freshwater Complete Pellet Ingredients:
Nutritionally balanced and made from 100% natural ingredients including Oligochaeta derivatives, Fish and fish derivatives, crustacean powders and derivatives, aquatic appropriate yeasts, nutritional protein-based binders, spirulina, natural stabilizer, acidity regulator, antioxidants. Vitamin A 22,500 IU/kg. Vitamin D3 2,000 IU/kg. Vitamin E 300mg/kg. Vitamin C (stable) 100 mg/kg

Refrigeration is not required but keep out of direct sunlight and tightly sealed. Do not contaminate the food with wet fingers. Keep out of reach of children. This product does not contain nuts but is made in a factory that handles nuts.


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