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IceCap AIO Protein skimmer

IceCap AIO Protein skimmer

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Looking for a rear-compartment protein skimmer to take your all-in-one aquarium to the next level? Look no further!

If you have an all-in-one aquarium that's between 20-65 gallons, the IceCap AIO 240 Protein Skimmer is a great option. It has a slim profile and can be hung within the aquarium's dedicated filter chamber. You can also adjust the skimmer's height to get the desired amount of waste collection.

Compact & Built to Last

This product is expertly made using durable, top-notch acrylic molding. Every part of it has been designed to ensure safety in marine environments and to deliver the most advanced foam fractionation technology with superior quality.

Quiet Performance & Control

When examining the IceCap's AIO 240 core, you'll discover the 12V DCair 400 pinwheel skimmer pump that's intended to deliver reliable and efficient results. Adjusting the skimmer's collection output is a breeze thanks to the inline controller, which allows you to fine-tune the pump's speed.

Bioload Handling

The bioload of an aquarium refers to its ability to process waste in proportion to tank volume. Protein skimmers work best when properly matched with the bioload of the system.


  • HEAVY    20 Gallons
  • MEDIUM    45 Gallons
  • LIGHT    65 Gallons
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