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HydroSpace- PNS Healthy tank TRIO! Tank starter, maintenance dose and coral food!

HydroSpace- PNS Healthy tank TRIO! Tank starter, maintenance dose and coral food!

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PNS Probio Live purple non-sulfur bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas palustris):

-Live Food for Coral high in protein and vitamin B12

-Continually reduces Ammonia. (Starts in 0-3 days in Freshwater, 3-6 days in Saltwater)

-Continually reduces Phosphates. (Starts in 0-2 days in Freshwater, 3-4 days in Saltwater)

-Free Swimming.



-Selectively consumed by corals.

-This bacterium actively seeks out coral for colonization.

-Lives inside the coral with zooxanthellae.

-Naturally lives in freshwater and saltwater (intended for use in both).

-Produces a hormone for plant growth.

-Breaks down organic waste (both dissolved and particulate), including detritus, mulm, fish food, and fish waste.

-Probiotic for fish gut health.

-Great for establishing bacteria due to "old tank syndrome"

reestablishing bacteria after medicating.

-Intended for regular use after aquarium cycling.

-Can be soaked in herbivore fish food to help break down cellulose in fish gut. 

-Not scientifically proven but known to prevent and out-compete bacteria causing RTN in coral.

-Can outcompete algae and cyanobacteria by form of nutrient processing and uptake.

-Can be used as a cycling bacteria but does not contain ammonia or phosphates. 


PNS YelloSno

Organics bonded with bacteria offering a just slightly heavier than neutrally buoyant coral and filter feeder food. The closest thing to true marine snow in the aquarium industry. YelloSno contains a chitin-based substrate that is fermented with live purple non-sulfur bacteria and then preserved via flash pasteurization. Loaded with protein, polysaccharides and vitamin B, it promotes rapid growth and recovery in a broad range of corals and filter feeding invertebrates. Features a broad range of particle sizes. YelloSno is the best delivery system of vitamin B12 through food where dosing of B12 as a supplement alone cannot be simply absorbed. 

PNS Substrate Sauce Live purple non-sulfur bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas rubrum and Rhodopseudomonas palustris):

-Intended for cycling saltwater

-Removes Phosphates

-Removes ammonia quickly

-Removes nitrates through growth of bacteria

-Removes nitrites through growth of bacteria



-Can be used in conjunctions with other aerobic "cycling" bacteria since it does not complete


Directions: Shake bottle. Add one bottle PNS Substrate Sauce per 400 gallons system water (1.25 ml per gallon) in an area of high flow. May also be soaked in substrate, rock or biomedia (rinse dry material with saltwater before application). For best results, cut protein skimmer and ozone/ultraviolet sterilizer for 12-24 hours. Recap the bottle immediately and store at room temperature. Can tolerate temperature swings of 34°F to 130°F. Sealed product shelf life of 8 months.

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