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Replenish Evaporated Water... with No Power!

The IceCap Gravity ATO automatically replaces evaporated water in freshwater and marine aquariums without the use of electricity. 

Easy to Use

To use it, screw the base to the bottle, then mount it to tank rim. When the water level drops to reveal the shorter tube, the water in the bottle automatically flows into the tank do to the pressure difference. 

Package Includes:

  • Gravity ATO Base
  • x3 Mounting Inserts for different rim sizes
  • 500ml Bottle
  • Silicone Tubing


  1. Select a suitable mounting insert for the tank's thickness and insert it into the groove on the Gravity ATO Base.
  2. Cut the tubing to the proper length based on the desired water level. There should be a long tube and a short tube, both cut at a slant. Insert the two tubes onto the Gravity ATO Base.
  3. Thread the bottle into the base and install it onto the rim of the fish tank.
  4. Adjust water level as needed to ensure both tubes are in the water. Over time, the Gravity ATO will replenish evaporated water when the water level falls under the shorter tube.
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