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Fiji Cube 10 Gallon Rimless AIO Glass Nano Tank

Fiji Cube 10 Gallon Rimless AIO Glass Nano Tank

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Unique design and craftsmanship are in the details of Fiji Cube AIO Nano Tank Series. All Fiji Cube tanks are built with ultra-clear low iron glass. The Fiji Cube AIO Nano Tank comes with unique features that the hobbyists love about aquarium keeping. Fiji Cube uses next level up glass thickness compared to competitors in the market and still offers features like filter sock mechanical filtration, top and bottom weir design, beveled edge, three-stage filtration system, great size equipment and aquascape room, refugium/protein skimmer chamber, direction adjustable return nozzle, high quality return pump, leveling mat and many more.



  • Filter sock mechanical filtration (one nylon filter sock included) - both 200 micron felt and nylon are available for purchase
  • Ultra-clear low iron glass and beveled edge
  • Top and Bottom weir design - allows for the removal of the water and debris from the bottom area of the aquarium and the removal of bacteria film from the surface
  • Three-stage filtration system (Sock->Protein Skimmer/Refugium->Return Pump)
  • Leveling rubber mat and return pump included
  • Black silicone
  • Direction adjustable return nozzle
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