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Aquaforest Garlic Oil 50ml

Aquaforest Garlic Oil 50ml

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Aquaforest Garlic Oil is a natural garlic extract supplement helps strengthen the immune system while protecting against viruses & parasites. Garlic Oil can be added to any type of pellet, flake, or frozen food. Contains garlic extract, vitamins, omega-3 acid, fish oil and natural antibiotics.

Garlic extract has been used for years to help fish adapt and strengthen their immune system after stressful transport or disease outbreaks. Many people also report that garlic aids in getting your fish to eat prepared food enticing them to the smell. Aquaforest's Garlic Oil also contains omega acids and other antibiotics making it a perfect addition to your fish's food.



Add 1 drop of Garlic Oil to 1 portion of food 2-3 times a week. Let the food soak in the Garlic Oil for at least 1 minute before use.

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